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Important information for your non-rev trips

Airline notes

Useful, airline-specific non-rev information

Standby availability

Average monthly seat availability & events that effect it

Flight loads in myIDTravel

Are the loads in myIDTravel accurate and reliable?

Help with myIDTravel

Tips & tricks to get the most out of myIDTravel

Non-rev tips

Invaluable insider tips to help you to get on board

What is staff travel?

About staff travel benefits

What is non-rev?

What does non-rev stand for?

What is ID90?

What does ID90 mean?

What is NRSA?

What does the abbreviation NRSA stand for?

What is ZED travel?

What is the difference between ZED and ID90?

What is interline travel?

About interline rates

What are non-rev passengers?

Who are they?

Dress code for flying standby

Dress smart, you might get an upgrade

How standbys are cleared

What is the priority for boarding standby passengers?

About StaffTraveler

What is StaffTraveler?

The world's largest non-rev community

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Everything you need to know about using the StaffTraveler app

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Frequently Asked Questions

You know, those questions that get asked a lot

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Non-rev stories & tips, travel inspiration and more

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