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Reliable non-rev loads

Get accurate seat availability for your staff travel flights

"The world's best non-rev app"

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Introducing StaffTraveler for the web. Requesting loads and answering load requests from the comfort of your computer.

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Staff travel, non-rev, interline, ID90, ZED travel, call it what you want... We, airline crew, love to travel!

With StaffTraveler you can check the flight loads for the flights you wish to staff travel on. Quick, reliable and free!

StaffTraveler enables you to get the accurate, reliable non-rev loads you need, from your colleagues at the airline you need them from.

We have over 421,000 members from all airlines in the world, answering more than 16,000 load requests each day.

How does it work?

Let's say you want to staff travel from New York to Amsterdam

You post requests for the flights from JFK to AMS on the airlines you can staff travel on, on the dates you want to know the seat availability for
People at the airlines of the flights that you have selected get a notification
They answer your requests with the actual loads
You receive a notification with the updated loads

What our users say

Why StaffTraveler has a 4.9 star rating in the App Store
6.927 ratings
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