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StaffTraveler is a platform on which verified airline employees can help each other planning their private non-rev trips. Information can be shared on request of a user. Information is not made public but is shared from user to user.

StaffTraveler is intended to make non-rev travel easier for all airline personal while protecting sensitive airline information. We are replacing numerous forums and Facebook groups that are not only cumbersome to use but also store and expose load information publicly.

We urge all users to comply with their airline's regulations at all time. Use for any purpose other than personal non-rev travel is strictly prohibited, as per our terms of usage which users have to read and sign before being able to use StaffTraveler. We are not responsible for the information shared on StaffTraveler. StaffTraveler has a sophisticated commercial abuse detection system. If any suspicious behaviour is detected, we take action.

User generated information is stored securely and transferred using an encrypted connection. All load information is deleted from the server immediately after a flight's scheduled departure time. There is no track record of available seats. No historic information is stored nor are any average loads being calculated and stored.

StaffTraveler has changed the way people travel. We have received countless compliments from all over the world. We hope that airlines will acknowledge the value of StaffTraveler for the airline community and understand that we actually improve data security.

Advantages for airlines

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