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Information for airlines

StaffTraveler is a platform on which verified airline employees can help each other planning their private non-rev trips. It was founded by two airline pilots in 2015. We acknowledge that staff travelling is a huge benefit of our jobs and we both use it extensively. Getting to a destination and making sure to be back on time can be a challenge though. We got stranded several times, to the extent that even booking tickets was no longer an option.

At least once, a major carrier had to fly an empty 747-400 to a Caribbean destination to get all their stranded crew members back because a shortage of staff began to emerge. If these employees had had information at hand about their flight options, they could have chosen different dates, different routes, or even a different destination.

To be able to staff travel is a great good. It’s one of those perks that boosts EX. It can be stressful though, not knowing what your odds are to get on board. But, it doesn’t have to be. With the rise of social media, people can now easily find each other. Social as people in aviation are, they quickly found ways to help each other out to get the stress out of staff travelling. Load information is shared every minute of the day in large, public Facebook groups and websites. This information is often publicly available forever.

StaffTraveler is built to make non-rev travel easier for all airline personal while protecting sensitive airline information. We are replacing the Facebook groups and websites that are not only cumbersome to use but also store and expose load information publicly. Our app provides users with a safe platform to help each other.

As founders, we know the airline industry and have no interest in doing any harm. We, therefore, took thorough precautions to make sure that information cannot be misused.

"This app is the best thing to happen to non-rev travel since the inception of non-rev travel itself."

Our team checks each new member's employment by an airline before they can join. StaffTraveler urges users to comply with their airline's regulations at all time. Usage is strictly for non-rev personal travel, as per the Terms and Conditions which users have to read and sign before being able to use StaffTraveler. Users who do not share loads on StaffTraveler may still benefit from the app by requesting loads for other airlines, booking our discounted hotel rooms and cars, and by reading and sharing tips with our worldwide airline community.

Safe platform

Advantages for airlines

It is in our best interest to have a good relationship with airlines, so we are open and transparent. If you wish more information or want to discuss ways in which StaffTraveler can help your airline, we are happy to come by and have a coffee. For any inquiries, please contact us.

Warm regards,

The StaffTraveler team

"Commuters helping one another is exactly how it should be. It has made that dreaded decision of commuting in a day early or the day of a much more calculated risk that has granted me more time doing the things I love and fewer Airport Appreciation days trying to get home."

How to add your airline to StaffTraveler?

Once your airline has been assigned an IATA code, it will automatically be added to StaffTraveler. Please note that it may take a few months for your airline to appear on our platform. If your airline has been assigned an IATA code but is not visible on StaffTraveler, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can assist you.