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StaffTraveler stories & testimonials

Why StaffTraveler gets 4.9 stars in the App Store
5.834 ratings
Best non-rev tool

This app is the best thing to happen to non-rev travel since the inception of non-rev travel itself.

App Store review by Camh85

The most useful app I have on my phone. Easy to use and very rewarding.

Play Store review by Tibi
Fantastic App!

I found the StaffTraveler app has taken stress out of my standby travel! I highly recommend this app to airline standby travelers. The customer support has been excellent as well! Thanks to the team at StaffTraveler for developing this app. It makes my commuter life a whole lot easier!

Legit the real deal

This app has saved my butt overseas or in places where I was stuck. If your a non-rev aviation industry employee, this is a must have. The data base of airline employees is huge! Especially is great right now when airlines are capping flights. Stop reading this review and just download already and get traveling! 🤙🛫🌎🌍🌏

App Store review by hdswwegiijnvdeben

This app is a game changer for the Airline family industry.

Play Store review by Andre
A life & marriage saving app!!

Holy smokes! Best non-rev app ever. Whoever developed this app deserves to be a bazillionaire!

App Store review by DrJohnnyLove
Best app ever

This is the best app I’ve ever had. With so many people using is you are able to get loads so quick and easy! We need to spread the word to our international friends also! We need more of their employees on!

App Store review by dlyingaround44
The perfect non-rev companion

If you’re an airline employee, you NEED this app. Also follow them on Instagram for some great pictures from others on the app!

App Store review by akisohail
The best!

I don’t know what I would do without this app! I never leave reviews but this app has helped me on SOOO many occasions!! Just download it! You’ll be using it way more than you think!

App Store review by Natalie
If you work for an airline this is a must have!

I love how quickly I can get loads for other airlines, I love this app so much.  Huge lifesaver when it comes to commuting, plus I love being able to help others! Never bug your other airline friends for loads again, get StaffTraveler!

App Store review by Katy

Very helpful for us commuters. Usually have info back in less than 2 minutes.

Play Store review by James

This is probably the only app I can say has made travel measurably better in a way that nothing else could. Now I know which terminal to run to when the last flights of the day are all leaving. I’ve gotten home multiple times because of the app and the community that constantly updates loads. I’d give more than 5 stars if I could!

App Store review by lookitsapianist

LOVE IT · This app is a life saver for non rev. Thank you so much. My trip to Nairobi for a safari and back was seamless thanks to assistance on this app.

App Store review by Fijifun77

This app makes traveling ID90 an effortless experience. Traveling international can be tricky but using StaffTraveler, it seems less scary with load info.

App Store review by Allison

Airline loads change drastically within minutes and this app is dependent on accessibility to up-to-the-minute loads. I am grateful to the sacrifices of other airline employees taking time to help us. I am very passionate when I am able to give loads to other airline employees. This app is amazing and such a blessing. I have no complaints but nothing but praise. Thank you on behalf of every airline employee.

App Store review by Faith Traveler


Play Store review by Brian

Since I have been a StaffTraveler member I no longer stress about standby. Thank you so very much StaffTraveler for having changed our way of traveling.

Email by Michel
Non-revving is my cardio

I never ever review things but this app is freaking amazing. The loads are accurate and usually get the loads within 5mins. It’s the best app for commuters and crews who enjoy using their flight bennies. I’m also on the fb group for non revs but this app is 10,000% times better and as good as walking up to a CSA and asking them for the loads directly. I highly recommend it.

App Store review by Sidnella
Better than calling your friends and annoy them

This app will keep your friendships intact. You get an answer within minutes. Also give you the options to get out of a particular city weather is nonstop or multiple legs.And if you do not want to pay for credits why not answering them while you’re waiting for your next flight to earn more credits.

App Store review by GuyFedEx

Must have resource for commuters! Absolutely love all of us supporting each other!

App Store review by Cherie
Great non-rev travel tool!

This app has made my travel life a lot easier. It’s a one-of-a-kind resource to help make planning my space-available travel so much better. And I like the fact that when you help others with availability info, you get a credit to use for yourself. Love it.

App Store review by Deanoswa

This app is the holy bible of non rev travel! Given the incentive of gaining new tokens for answers, your requests are answered within a few minutes with accuracy and ease! I've saved a few friends from being stranded thanks to Stafftraveler! Love this app so much!

Play Store review by Jared
I wish I could give it 10 ⭐️

As an FA that commutes this app has been a godsend.

App Store review by Andre

Indispensable, necessary, essential! Very trustworthy, thanks to all community members

Play Store review by Jessica

StaffTraveler is by far the best app for finding out loads while traveling on a different airline than your own. I have used this in the US, Europe, and Asia with great success. Most responses of load requests happen within minutes. Getting an e-mail follow up with the loads is very helpful.

I wouldn’t travel non-rev without it. Thanks for a successful 2019 travel year!

App Store review by J31Jock

App does exactly what it says on the box. Never waited longer than 5 mins for a load, at least on larger airlines. Game changer for standby travel.

Play Store review by Harry
Best app for nonrevs!

Hands down this is the best app for nonrevs! I am a commuter for my airline and this app saves me all of the time, especially during the holiday travel. Only on this app nonrevs can plan their routes and get real time flight loads.

App Store review by Ashley
Piece of Mind

This app is amazing!!! Never have to worry about contacting a friend and worrying them about loads every again!! Just Brilliant!!

App Store review by Flight attendantx
Required for offline commuters

This app gives you the final clues you need to get work on time. I’ve never missed a flight based on info I’ve gotten from StaffTraveler. A good weather app, FAA OIS, and StaffTraveler is all you need.

App Store review by Zekef15
Get this app pronto!

Just became a commuter about four months ago. This app is a lifesaver. A must have for ANY commuter.

App Store review by ATLinflight
Changes the game for commuters!

Commuting in and out of large airports can get tricky. You never know if you should risk going to the other terminal to see if there might be seats. With StaffTraveler, you don’t have to. I love being able to help my fellow flight crew get home sooner!

App Store review by Amanda

Excellent to provide an idea on flight capacities and adjust my plans if necessary. People respond quickly to requests. I try to help as much as I can to do the same cuz I know how important this info is, specially travelling stand by.

Play Store review by Juan

StaffTraveler has gotten me out of more situations than I can even imagine! I got stuck in Dublin after St. Patrick’s for three days. I used StaffTraveler to make the most random route home to Seattle. Dublin-London-Amsterdam-Calgary-San Francisco and finally home to Seattle. Thank gosh for StaffTraveler or else I could still be stuck there!

Email by Katie

Love the ease and speed of getting flight loads.

Play Store review by Lisa

Great tool if you commute around the country regularly. Most requests answered VERY fast and always helpful group of people (giving suggestions and assistance anytime ive asked). GREAT app GREAT community.

Play Store review by Ryan

StaffTraveler got me out of a sticky situation when landing from Geneva to IAD and waiting to get on a United flight down to DFW to help move in my youngest son into his dorm at SMU. While sitting there, I noticed the plane was a United Express jet and thought maybe a double check of the loads last minute would calm my nerves of getting to my son on time. Surprisingly the loads had completely changed and now over sold. StaffTraveler’s app is so quick to respond, I luckily was able to find another route through American and ran to the next terminal in time to grab a seat.

The app saved the day. Thank you!!

Email by Caroline
Best app for non-rev’s

Best app available for non-rev travellers. This app has made my travel 100% easier. Thank you!

App Store review by Emjcaptain

This is a must for commuting!

Play Store review by Joseph
A non-rev dream!

It is a beautiful thing that this tool was developed, airline family across the names able to help each other properly gauge and use our benefits!

App Store review by ajh757

In December we ended a river cruise in Basel and needed to get to another European city from ZRH because flights out of Switzerland to the US were “jammed”. StaffTraveler gave us real time info and was so useful helping us find and plan the best route home! Thanks ST!

Email by Stefan

Non Rev to a whole other level. This app has saved me hours of flying and also gives me trust on ZED travel. Thank You!

App Store review by Hamad

I got stuck in BOS when trying to go home and visit my brother in California before he deployed overseas, I didn't get on the flight I originally planned for and had almost given up thinking I had just missed the last flight to SFO of the day. However thanks to StaffTraveler I found out there was a later Alaska Airlines flight going direct to SFO. This not only got me to California in time but cut out a connection for me, so I got that much more time to spend with my little brother.

Email by Ian
A MUST for nonreving!

This is such an amazing concept, and an concept that WORKS. Nonrev’s helping other nonrev’s by giving up to date information on passenger loads. This is definitely going to help me get out of a bind in the future!

App Store review by Jbhems520

It's a great app for anyone flying non rev. Sometimes the response is within seconds.

Play Store review by David
Now you can stop bothering your friends!

I love this app! I use to have to call a friend to get AA’s load and he had to call a friend to get me DL’s loads.... Annoying. Then, he told me about this app, probably tired of my frequent requests and Shazam! I work for Air France and live on the East coast, so I feel a little disconnected from the US airlines. But no more! Thumbs up and thank you to whoever at this great idea.

App Store review by jet4Will

Always fast replies with accurate information.

Play Store review by Katrina
Awesome resource

I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes for a response. This is a great tool to get flight loads ASAP.

App Store review by K10S

My wife and I non-rev... a lot. Africa, Spain, Chile, Japan Greece... And this was all in 2019. StaffTraveler is great for getting passenger loads. Saves me a lot of headaches!

Email by Allen

The best app ever, thank you

Play Store review by Kika

Very reliable, a must have for airline crew

Play Store review by Ali

A must have app for commuters. Point system works well. Load numbers usually come in very fast. Easy to use interface. Solid app. I use it all the time to help decide my commutes.

Play Store review by Eddie
Great app

Extremely helpful, I will recommend to anyone. I only had 1 incorrect load information in the 6 months I’ve had the app and it was corrected immediately!! As a Non Rev traveler, don’t leave home with up downloading this app!

App Store review by Rojjb

I use this anytime I nonrev. Cannot beat it!

Play Store review by Tyler

This is amazing, as a 17 year airline employee traveling NRSA, this makes it so much easier, good interface, good knowledge sharing. Thank you!

Play Store review by Tom

The app is excellent, it has changed my life when traveling and making decisions regarding my routes. Thank you!

Play Store review by Evelyn
Amazing App

Thank you!! This app is amazing for non rev travel and especially my double commute to work. I have many different options to commute to work and as with non-rev flying you hope you choose the right option. This app helps me make my decisions and makes my commute a little more stress free!

App Store review by FA Commuter

Great app. Very user friendly and easy to navigates. Love the portion of it where you can easily chat /request for a double check in case the load factor looks off. Really a great tool for us.

Play Store review by Samuel

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