Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to log in using Facebook or Google?

We wanted to make StaffTraveler an online community for airline staff (active and retired) only. Social media provide us with a good way to verify that people are working for an airline. Secondly, it is by far the easiest way for our users to log in. It is safe, easy and doesn't take more than one click, instead of filling out forms.

What if I don't have a Facebook or Google account?

At the moment you can only log in to StaffTraveler using Facebook or Google.

What is arequest?

If you want to know the availability on a flight, you post arequest. People working for the airline of your flight will now be notified of your request so they can answer it for you.

You will get some free credits when you log in to StaffTraveler for the first time. By answering requests from others, you earn free credits that you can use to post requests when you are going to travel.

How reliable is the availability information provided by StaffTraveler?

Information provided by our users is a snapshot of information they have at that time. We do strive to give everyone the best experience possible and that can only be attained by trust. This is one of the reasons we use Facebook and Google to verify that users actually work for an airline. Users who submit false information will be banned from the system.

Is there a StaffTraveler app that I can download on my phone?

Absolutely! We have an app foriOSand one forAndroid!

I want to respond to a request, but requests are being answered so fast that I don't have a change to answer any

The response time has caught us by surprise as well. Many requests are answered within a minute. This is obviously something that we are very happy with, but we understand that it can be frustrating when you are trying to gain some credits yourself. We are looking for ways to create equal odds for answering load requests for all users, without increasing the response time.

I want to respond to a request, but I don’t want to have my name visible to other users

We have you covered. We know some people value their anonymity, be it for personal or professional reasons. Just click the anonymous button when you respond to a request and nobody will see that it was you.

Do you have another question? We are happy to help you! Check ourhelp pages.