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StaffTraveler for web

By popular demand, we created a new, fast way of requesting and answering load requests from the comfort of your computer. It's fast, convenient, and packed with new features! Try it out at stafftraveler.app.


StaffTraveler for webStaffTraveler app
Flight search
Search connections with up to 2 stopsmax 1 stop
Search connections with different airlinescoming soon
Search multiple flights in one gocoming soon
Sort search resultscoming soon
Filter by airlinescoming soon
Filter by flight timescoming soon
Filter by flight durationcoming soon
Include cargo flightscoming soon
Include flights from & to nearby airportscoming soon
Use recently used flight numbers & routescoming soon
Use recently used datescoming soon
Repeat last search
Quickly add return flights
Live flight status information
Dark mode
Avatar creator
Credits history
Sort requests
Auto-open next open request while answering

StaffTraveler has over 855,000 members from all airlines in the world, answering more than 30,000 non-rev load requests each day.

Join them today and make your non-rev trips easy and stress-free!

Making staff travel easy and stress-free, like it should be!