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What is ID90?

About ID90

What does ID90 mean?

ID stands for Industry Discount. The number indicates the amount of discount on the standard full fare economy rate. ID90 means 90% off. If you have a ID90 ticket, you're traveling on a standby ticket. This means that you'll only get on board of a seat happens to be available.

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How to get the loads?

You came to the right place! We have created the StaffTraveler app to enable you to check the seat availability for the flights you wish to travel on. With our advanced flight search engine, you can easily find the perfect flights to your destination. With one tap, you can request the loads of all the possible flights. People at the airlines you wish to travel with will answer your requests, enabling you to choose the perfect route and time to travel. Join our 825,000 members from over 1,000 airlines today.

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About ID90

Other non-rev codes

There are different kinds of non-rev tickets and priorities:

ID90  is a standby ticket

ID80  is a standby ticket

ID75  may be confirmed

ID50  is a confirmed ticket

You might also see one of these priority codes added:

S  Service (employee, travelling to or from work)

R  Rebate (employee, travelling for leisure)

N  Non-company (not an employee)

B  Non-company travelling to or from work, not used by all airlines

About ID90

Who can purchase ID90 tickets?

People who work for an airline often have the benefit of being eligible to purchase ID90 (or similar) tickets. Depending on their airline's policy, their family members and friends can join them on their flights for the same, reduced fee.

About ID90

What are the benefits of ID90 travel?

Freedom and flexibility! That is how most airline employees would praise ID90 travel. We can travel the world at severely reduced prices. Also, we can change our plans at any time as ID90 tickets are as flexible as it gets: they're valid for months and can be cancelled for free.

About ID90

What are the downsides of ID90 travel?

Uncertainty. If the flight is full, we don't get on board. Often, this is decided at the very last moment. On busy routes, flights may be overbooked for days.

At StaffTraveler, we decided to make your non-rev trips easier and less stressful by getting you in touch with the people who can look up the number of available seats. For the first time, you can accurately estimate your chances of getting onboard, by having access to accurate, reliable flight loads.

About ID90

Can I purchase ID90 tickets for all airlines?

Depending on your airline's agreements with other airlines, there may be many other airlines that you can purchase ID90 tickets for. Please check with your airline which agreements they have made.

About ID90

How to book an ID90 ticket?

This depends on your airline. myIDTravel is a popular choice for airlines, but your airline might have a proprietary system. Please ask your airline if you are unsure about booking your ID90 tickets.

Please note that myIDTravel indicates the loads in a funny way, based on smileys. These indications are not exact and have proven to be unreliable. We've got your back: you can request exact and reliable flight loads with our StaffTraveler app.

Airline notes

Where can I get non-rev information for the airline that I'm flying with?

Many airlines have their own specific rules and procedures when it comes to ID90 passengers. StaffTraveler has a large database with airline-specific, ID90 related information. You'll find these in the StaffTraveler app and in the online StaffTraveler Airline Notes.


Synonyms for ID90 travel

ID90 is referred to in different ways across the world. Here are some other words that you might find:

Synonyms for ID90 travel
  • Non-rev travel
  • Non-revenue travel
  • Staff travel
  • Pass travel
  • Interline travel
  • ZED Travel
People who fly on ID90 tickets
  • Non-rev'er
  • Non-revenue passenger
  • Standby passenger
  • StaffTraveler

Do you have some more tips and tricks?

We wrote a blog with the 10 golden rules of non-rev travel. Here you go!


Where can I download the StaffTraveler app?

You can download the StaffTraveler app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We hope you'll like it!

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Do you have questions about StaffTraveler? We are happy to help you! Check our help pages.