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Flight loads in myIDTravel


What is myIDTravel?

Chances are that you need myIDTravel to book your staff travel tickets. It is an online portal created by Lufthansa Systems for airline employees to book their non-rev tickets. It has limited functionality to check the number of available seats on the flights you wish to travel on.

What is StaffTraveler?

StaffTraveler enables you to get accurate flight loads for the flights you wish to staff travel on. Want to know what your odds are to get a seat? Download StaffTraveler and post a request for the flight you wish to take.

StaffTraveler in the Apple App StoreStaffTraveler in the Google Play StoreStaffTraveler for web

I need help using myIDTravel

We are not associated with myIDTravel, but we've got a few tips to help you using it.


Limitations of myIDTravel

  • Very few airlines share flight load information with myIDTravel
  • The smileys are notoriously unreliable
  • The numbers show how many tickets the airline has left to sell, but not necessarily how many seats are open
  • The numbers don't show by how many a flight is overbooked
  • The number of open seats, if shown, is capped to 7 or 9, depending on the airline
  • Numbers are unreliable and often outdated
  • Numbers are hard to find, read and compare

How to get accurate flight loads?

With the StaffTraveler app, you can get accurate, reliable and up-to-date seat availability for the flights you wish to travel on. You can easily request the loads for many flights with one tap. People at the airlines you wish to travel with will answer your requests, enabling you to pick the perfect route and time to travel.

StaffTraveler has 787,000 members from over 1,000 airlines. Join them today!


Benefits of StaffTraveler

  • Request the flight loads for all airlines
  • Get accurate and up-to-date flight loads
  • Loads are presented in a clear way, helping you to choose your perfect flight
  • Relevant, up-to-date, airline-specific information about staff traveling

Can I book tickets with StaffTraveler?

No. To book tickets, you'll still need myIDTravel. Before you book, we suggest you find the perfect flights by requesting the loads for your different flight options in StaffTraveler.


Where can I download the StaffTraveler app?

You can download the StaffTraveler app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We hope you'll like it!

StaffTraveler in the Apple App StoreStaffTraveler in the Google Play StoreStaffTraveler for web
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