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Dress code for flying standby

Dress code

What is the dress code for flying standby?

Airlines have dress codes for standby passengers. These dress codes vary from airline to airline. You'll find the dress code for the airline you are going to travel with in the Airline Notes here or in the StaffTraveler app.

Some airlines may require you to dress in business attire or business casual as you might get upgraded to business class. They can refuse you to board if you are not dressed appropriately. Always make sure that you have suitable clothes at hand.

As a representative of the airline, you are also expected to be polite to the airport and airline employees. Be kind and do not annoy the gate agents. They'll let you know when you can board. Bonus points for bringing some snacks for them and the flight crew!


Tell me more please!

Josh from Cleared List wrote an extensive blog posts about non-rev dress codes around the world. It's definitely worth reading before you travel!


Any clothing advise?

Yes! You can't go wrong with our 'I love non-rev' T-shirts! We've got them in all sizes and colours. And for your long intercontinental flights, we've got some awesome, comfortable hoodies!

Flight loads

How to get the seat availability?

You can get the non-rev loads with the StaffTraveler app. Employees of the airlines you wish to travel on will answer your requests, enabling you to choose the perfect route and time to travel.

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Do you have some more non-rev tips and tricks?

We wrote a blog with the 10 golden rules of non-rev travel. Here you go!

Do you have questions about StaffTraveler? We are happy to help you! Check our help pages.