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Non-rev tips

Step 1

Download the StaffTraveler app

StaffTraveler helps you to find flight options to your destination. It enables you to request the flight loads so you can pick the perfect flights. The days of waiting at the airport are over!

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Step 2


Use the StaffTraveler app to find flight options to and from your destinations. StaffTraveler's advanced flight search engine helps you to find the perfect flights. Not sure where to go yet? We’ve got plenty of inspiration!

Step 3


Get the flight loads for the the flights that you might take. Pick the flight with the best odds and book your flight on myIDTravel or your airline's staff travel booking portal.

Many airlines have their own specific rules and procedures when it comes to non-rev passengers. StaffTraveler includes a large database with airline-specific, non-rev related information.


Be flexible

Go with the flow, if you can’t get to your number 1 destination, try another one, there are so many beautiful places in the world to see!


Be kind

Always be thankful and kind to the gate staff. Once on board, remember you are a guest allowed to use a very nice perk that comes with the job. Bonus points if you bring the FA's some snacks to get through their duty!


Dress smart

Sometimes, you’ll get an upgrade to business class; you might as well look the part (and some airlines demand this as well), so no flip-flops or torn jeans! Airline-specific dress code information can be found in the Airline Notes in StaffTraveler.



There's always a chance that you don't get on the flight you wanted to take! Take a deep breath, relax and find out if there's another flight. If not, find a cheap hotel on the StaffTraveler app, get a good night sleep and try again tomorrow.

Non-rev info

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