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Booking tickets with myIDTravel?

Get the flight loads with StaffTraveler

What is myIDTravel?

Chances are that you need myIDTravel to book your staff travel tickets. It is an online portal created by Lufthansa Systems for airline employees to book their non-rev tickets. It has limited functionality to check the number of available seats on the flights you wish to travel on.

What is StaffTraveler?

StaffTraveler enables you to get accurate flight loads for the flights you wish to staff travel on. Want to know what your odds are to get a seat? Download StaffTraveler and post a request for the flight you wish to take.

StaffTraveler is the best non-rev app

4.9 star
rating in the App Store
“The best app I ever had.”
“This app is a lifesaver! Very easy to use and saves a whole lot of time!”
“Made traveling on staff travel so much easier. Thank you.”
“I rarely write reviews but I have to rate this app with 5 stars!”
Exact loads
City tips
Exclusive deals
Book tickets
No more vague and unreliable smileys! Book your staff travel ticket in myIDTravel and get the exact flight loads in the StaffTraveler app.
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City tips

Insider city tips

Find those hidden gems, shared by our worldwide airline community
Flight loads

Reliable loads

Get accurate non-rev loads within minutes. Fast, easy and free
Exclusive airline employee deals

Exclusive deals

Get exclusive airline crew discount on hotel rooms and rental cars

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Why StaffTraveler has a 4.9 star rating in the App Store
6.927 ratings