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KLM Loads can currently not be requested on StaffTraveler. We hope to be able to get them back soon.


One piece of maximum 23kgs. In case of additional baggage, the commercial (excess) baggage policy applies.

Dress code

ISA travelers are required to dress appropriately and take care of their appearance. This requires neat casual (business) attire and excludes track/sweat suits, tank tops, flip-flops, shorts and torn and/or extravagant clothing. Neat and tidy jeans are accepted.

ISA travelers are not allowed to travel in airline uniform on KLM.

Failure to observe this dress code may result in the refusal to accept the individual for travel.


KLM only accepts electronic ZED-tickets on KLM flights. Interline agreements of airlines that currently have no e-ticketing possibility have consequently been suspended.

All listings on KLM flights have to be made via MyIDListing - details of the listing methodology via MyIDListing have been provided to your airlines' staff travel department.

In case of a changed travel itinerary all airline staff needs to ensure to cancel the affected listing on KLM flights.

Ensure a printed copy of the e-ticket and listing can be shown during the check-in process.


See www.klm.com for information on time limits for check-in and baggage drop-off. For check-in, please use Self Service Check-In (SSCI) machines at airports. In case check-in via SSCI appears impossible, please consult with a check-in agent.


KLM boards ZED passengers (including KLM staff) according to a so called PSN-number (Priority Serial Number) - KLM staff with a ZED ticket will board first, then AF staff, then staff of Skyteam members, and then all other airline staff.

Crew rest seats will not be allocated to OAL staff members traveling on ZED-tickets.


Special meals

Not possible for airline staff traveling on standby

Seat requests

Not possible for airline staff traveling on standby

Unaccompanied minors

Not possible for airline staff traveling on standby

Excluded flights

A number of the shown KLM-flights contain routes for which KLM does not have commercial traffic rights. On these routes, it is legally not allowed that KLM issues ISA-tickets. Consequently, in some instances (for example due to an offload) it may be required for the ISA traveler to purchase additional commercial or ISA tickets to reach the final destination.

In case of final destination KWI(via DMM), DMM (via KWI), EBB (via KGL) and KGL(via EBB) the KLM Ground Staff in Amsterdam will only accept the ISA-traveler to the final destination in case a guarantee exists that the traveler can remain on board until the planned final destination. This acceptance procedure has been decided on due to the strict visa regulations, that don't allow KLM to offload passengers in the intermediate stations.


Always ensure you have all the correct travel documents with you.

General phone number

+31 20 6493960

Listing phone number

+31 20 6486945



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