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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

How non-rev travel is affected

World Health Organization

World Health Organization

Visit the website of the World Health Organization for the latest updates on the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic.


What special procedures and policies do airports have?

Airports around the world have implemented policies and procedures to help protect travelers and employees. Before travelling to an airport, make sure you are informed about the local policies. For your convenience, we have collected links to most major airports.


What special procedures and policies do airlines have?

Airlines too have implemented temporary policies and procedures. We have added links for most major airline's COVID-19 information pages to the Airline Notes.


Is my flight cancelled?

StaffTraveler will show you if your flight is cancelled. Your credit will be refunded once the flight has been cancelled.


What should I enter in the 'open seats' fields when responding to a load request?

Please always enter the number of actual available seats when responding to load requests (taking into account blocked seats). You can use the comments section to elaborate.


I am answering a load request. How can I indicate that the flight has been cancelled?

If StaffTraveler does not show the cancelled status of the flight, please use the comments to inform the requester that the flight has been cancelled.


How often are the flight schedules updated??

We get the flight schedules from our flight data provider. They update the schedules daily. They are reliant on the airlines to pass on their flight data timely. At this moment, flight data changes rapidly. Please always consult the airline's website to check if your flight has been cancelled.


Are the loads on StaffTraveler accurate?

The flight loads on StaffTraveler are provided by employees at the airlines that you've requested the loads for. As always, these loads are considered accurate. Please keep in mind that loads may change rapidly.


I have booked a hotel on StaffTraveler. How can I change my booking?

Please click the button below to find and manage your booking.


I have another question

For other questions related to StaffTraveler, please contact us.