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Southwest Airlines

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The company has decided to let ALL passengers travel same day standby without a fare increase.

This is really throwing off our nonrev predictability

ou can only see those listings same day once you are checked in for a flight,Y


All Southwest Airlines tickets issued via myIDTravel are e-ticketed. All nonrevenue travel on Southwest Airlines requires a listing which, is automatically generated when purchasing your nonrevenue travel on Southwest Airlines. Once the e-ticket is generated, you will automatically receive an itinerary receipt via e-mail. If you encounter an issue during the booking process, please send a message to [email protected]. You will need to include a screenshot of any error message in your first e-mail, so that we may look into the situation. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm (CST). Please be aware that telephone support is not available, and all e-mails will be replied to as quickly as possible. Travel is valid on Southwest operated flights only.


All standard baggage rules apply.

dress code

Relaxed and casual however, you, and your eligible travelers must present a clean, well-groomed and tasteful appearance. Acceptable attire includes clean pants or walking shorts without holes, t-shirts that do not bear any offensive/ inappropriate messaging or pictures, polo/button-down shirts, sweaters, or jackets, tennis shoes, loafers, sandals, or flip-flops. Unacceptable nonrevenue attire includes tank tops, outfits with offensive or sexually oriented inscriptions or messages, low-cut, skimpy, revealing clothing, short shorts or gym shorts, torn, ragged, slashed pants/shorts; exposed midriff or halter tops, bare feet, beach or swimwear


Listing is required for all flights. Please list yourself for travel at least 24 hours in advance.


You may add yourself to the standby list up to two hours before your flight's scheduled departure time at the kiosk, ticket counter, or gate. You may also print or reprint a security document at the kiosk.

Please check-in with a Customer Service Agent at the ticket counter at least 30 minutes prior to your flight's scheduled departure time. Check-in time matters for priority.


Boarding priority is determined by time of check-in. Southwest Airlines Employees and dependents, followed by AirTran Employees and Dependents will be accommodated prior to accommodating other airline space available pass holders.


All refund requests must be made via myIDTravel within one year from the date of issue. See above general information for additional details. If you encounter an issue during the refund process, please send a message to [email protected].


Through check-in

Passengers are automatically checked in for flights with direct service (one or more stops with no change of aircraft). Passengers making a connection will need to check in again at their point of transfer with an agent at the gate. Checked luggage will be checked through to the passenger's final destination at their point of origin.

Seat requests

Southwest Airlines has an open seating policy. If you have a condition which requires a special seating arrangement, please speak with a Customer Service Agent when checking in at the ticket counter. Pre-boarding is available to nonrevenue passengers who qualify only if a boarding pass can be issued to the passenger prior to general boarding.

Infant safety seats

All infants must have a ticket to use an infant safety seat on an aircraft.

Proper use of a Child Restraint Systems (CRS) enhances child safety onboard the aircraft. For this reason, Southwest Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) strongly recommend that infants and small children who weigh under 40 pounds be secured in an appropriate CRS when traveling by air.

Be sure to check the width of your CRS. Although the width of aircraft seats varies, a safety seat wider than 16 inches is unlikely to fit, even if the armrests of the aircraft seats are moved out of the way. An ill-fitting safety seat will not provide adequate protection for your child.

The FAA has banned the use on board aircraft of certain types of CRSs that may be harmful to a child in the event of an aviation emergency. These include backless booster seats, safety belt extensions (commonly referred to as 'belly belts'), and vest or harness devices that attach to an adult. Although some that were manufactured before the FAA's ban may carry an insignia and/or language indicating they are approved for aircraft use, please understand that they are no longer permitted.

Approved Child Restraint Systems

  • Many of these carry the FMVSS.213 insignia and/or language indicating that they are 'approved for use in motor vehicles and on aircraft'.
  • Any CRS manufactured between January 1, 1961 and February 25, 1985, must have the following label: 'This child restraint device conforms to all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards'.
  • Any CRS manufactured since February 26, 1985, must have both of the following labels: 'This child restraint device conforms to all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards' and 'This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft'.

Harness-type devices approved by the FAA:

  • At this time, the FAA has approved only the AmSafe Aviation CARES, which is appropriate for children weighing between 22 and 44 pounds.
  • The AmSafe Aviation CARES must have a label indicating 'FAA Approved in Accordance with 14CFR 21.305(d), Approved for Aircraft Use Only'.

Unaccompanied minors

Children ages five through 11 traveling without an accompanying Passenger age 12 or older must travel as an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) on Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines will charge $50 each way ($100 roundtrip) in addition to the air fare per child for UMs to travel.

UMs may only travel on nonstop flights.

Southwest will not transport UMs on flights that may be diverted or cancelled due to inclement weather or other operational abnormalities.

When making a nonrevenue listing for an Unaccompanied Minor, please make sure to have the following information available:

  • The child's full name
  • Your relationship to the child
  • Address
  • Telephone number(s), including area code
  • Child's date of birth
  • Information about both the parent/guardian dropping off and the one picking him/her up.
  • Contact information for an alternate designee at the child's destination.

Make copies of the UM's itinerary for both the UM and the parent/guardian picking up the child in the destination city.


Infant/lap child ticketing on domestic Southwest Airlines routes cannot be processed at this time via myIDTravel. You will need to see an Agent at the Southwest Ticket Counter, on the day of travel, so that they may assist you with ticketing for an infant/lap child.


To comply with the TSA Secure Flight program, please have the following information ready when making your nonrevenue listing:

  • Full Name (first, middle, last as appears on your government issued ID)
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Redress Number (if applicable)

General phone number

+1 866-359-7967

Listing phone number

+1 866-359-7967

refunds email

[email protected]

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