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Virgin America

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Two free checked bags for non-rev passengers. Stand in the bag drop line if you have checked in a bag via the website or kiosk with bags. Checked bags must be dropped off no later than 45 minutes before departure time for domestic flights and 60 minutes before departure for international flights. Guests who encounter bag delays will need to return to the airport to retrieve their bags. The company will not pay for the bags to be delivered.

dress code

All guests are expected to dress in good taste when traveling on Virgin America. When dressing for travel, dress as you would for work -- use the good judgment you already have by wearing appropriate attire. If in doubt, don't wear it! GST's (Guest Service Teammate's) judgment will prevail in all matters pertaining to the dress code.


For those carriers currently holding a ZED agreement on Virgin America, using myIDTravel, you are automatically listed on Virgin America flights. Do not call Virgin America's call center.

Should your plans change, please modify, cancel or refund (when applicable) this listing by accessing the myIDTravel system.

Be sure to always have your reservation booking code and ticket number (when applicable) with you at all times while traveling on Virgin America.


Check-in via Virgin America's website at www.virginamerica.com or kiosk up to 24 hours prior to departure. Also, please arrive at your departure gate no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.


Virgin America does not allow upgrades to First or Main Cabin Select (MCS).


Virgin America will refund any balance due back to the original form of payment. Full refunds are automated, please allow 7-10 business days for processing a partial refund. To refund a ticket, retrieve the ticket number and select 'refund'. To verify the refund has been requested, or confirm a refund has been completed retrieve your ticket number for the current ticket/refund status. Further refund assistance contact [email protected]. Please no listings or flight load requests.

refunds email

[email protected]

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Non-rev tips

Flying on a stand-by ticket can be challenging. We have gathered invaluable insider information and tips to help you to get on board.

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