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EasyJet now sells 8 standby seats rather than the 2 they always used to cap it at.


Staff travel is a benefit that is given to all our staff; it gives them, and their friends and family, the opportunity to purchase seats at reduced cost, as well as taking advantage of discounted bags, sports equipment and flight changes. No “admin fees” are charged when you book via the staff travel website. Three fare types are available: Standard Fare : The normal fare but with the additional benefits listed above Staff Travel Confirmed : Confirmed seats at discounted prices with the additional benefits listed above Standby : Standby seats are available on approx. 92% of our routes. Standby is offered when a Confirmed Staff Travel seat is not available. 2 Standby's per flight maximum. To book, see under "listing"


With confirmed seats, hold luggage up to 23kg can be booked at discounted prices > Hold luggage cannot be booked on standby bookings, due to system limitations. Please remember this if you book a standby return ticket, and your outbound leg converts to a confirmed seat but the return leg does not > With effect from 10th February 2021 you will only be able to take on board one small cabin bag. Alternatively, you can book a hold bag for £5 each way via the staff travel website or by contacting customer services on the staff travel line. Failure to do so will incur a £48 charge at the gate > easyJet Plus members and FLEXI fare customers can bring their large cabin bag on board if they have booked an Upfront or Extra legroom seat or if they haven’t booked one of these seats, as long as there remains space. Customers buying Upfront and Extra legroom seats will continue to be able to take a small under seat cabin bag (45x36x20cm) plus a large overhead cabin bag (56x45x25cm) with them into the cabin. > The small under seat cabin bag allowance is (45x36x20cm) and must fit under the seat in front of you > If a standard confirmed seat is selected, you will be offered Hands Free for Free only when travelling with a staff member with staff ID. Stand-by customers can take their large cabin bag to the gate. It will get checked into the hold for free. As they are not yet guaranteed a seat, they cannot drop their bag at bag drop


Where an easyJet employee adds you to their list of significant others, your name must match what it says on your passport > You can use https://stafftravel.easyJet.com to book flights; availability is the same as on www.easyJet.com > The employee will share their log in details, which you can use to book flights > You pay for the flights yourself – the easyJet employee doesn’t need to do that for you > If, after you have booked your flights, the employee removes you from their list of friends and family, or the employee leaves the business then don’t worry, your booking is still valid All major credit cards can be used for payment > No admin fees arise on bookings made using the staff travel website > Combinations of fare types are not permitted on the same booking > Where you book a standby fare, if a confirmed staff travel seat becomes available on that flight, then your standby booking is automatically converted to a confirmed seat. An email notification will be sent to let you know this has happened > Note that staff travel bookings cannot be made at either an airport Customer Service Desk; or through the contact centre, as our staff do not hold access to personal records and so cannot check eligibility

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