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Kindly note that you will be required to carry a printout of your e-ticket to gain entry into any Indian airport and for check-in along with valid photo identification as mentioned in the itinerary.


As per www.jetairways.com for the class of travel you are ticketed in.

dress code

For travel in Economy

the minimum standard of dress is smart casual:

Male: Collared shirt/Polo-shirt and smart casual trousers. Smart jeans and sport shoes may be worn.

Female: Dress, trousers or skirt and top with sleeves/knee length skirt/ salwar kameez or sarees. Smart jeans and sport shoes may be worn.

Children under 12: Smart casual. Smart jeans and sport shoes may be worn.

For travel in Premiere

the minimum standard of dress is :

Male: Long sleeved jacket, collared shirt and smart trousers. A tie is not necessary.(Note: For upgrade to Premiere, Jeans are not permitted).

Female: Long sleeved jacket, blouse/smart top with sleeves, knee length skirt, smart trousers, a dress/ salwar kameez or a saree. (Note: For upgrade to Premiere, Jeans are not permitted).

Children under 12: Smart casual. Smart jeans and sport shoes may be worn.

Certain clothing items are considered unacceptable for travel. These include worn-out/ distressed jeans, baggy jeans, dirty or torn clothes, beach or jogging attire as well as t-shirts, shorts, sleeveless tops, beach shoes and slippers. Skirts and dresses must not be shorter than knee length. Traditional attire is permissible for elderly parents.

It is really important that you comply with the dress code otherwise you will be faced with the embarrassing situation of being asked to change. If you do not possess suitable alternative clothing you may not be able to travel.

Please ensure you comply with passport and visa requirements for your transit/destination and travel and please co-operate with instructions given to you by the on-duty Jet Airways staff at check-in or onboard the aircraft.

The staff travel ticket that is issued is a reduced rate of free ticket and it comes with responsibilities, to follow relevant procedures and guidelines. It is equally important that relatives travelling on such tickets are aware of these requirements and it is your responsibility to ensure they are fully briefed before their departure. We look forward to welcome you onboard.


Listing is done on Jet Airways flights once ticket is issued via myIDTravel. If the ticket consists any 9W flight between 9W*7000-7999 series, manual listing is required. Manual listing can be done by calling Jet Airways contact center. Contact center communication details are available on www.jetairways.com


Domestic Check-In

Check-in usually starts 120 minutes before departure. Passengers are requested to report at least 60 minutes before scheduled time of departure to avoid inconvenience

International Check-In

Check-in usually starts 180 minutes before departure. Passengers are requested to report at least three hours in advance before the scheduled departure to avoid inconvenience.


Fully unused tickets will be processed automatically by myIDTravel system. For partial refunds please email [email protected] & [email protected]. If you are downgraded from Business to Economy class please send copy of b/pass to [email protected] & [email protected] for processing. Partial and Downgrade refunds are processed manually and will take 3 weeks to process. A ticket can be refunded within one year from date of issuance.


Through-travel not available for standby passengers. When planning your trip, please ensure you leave yourself enough time to land and check-in again at any intermediate point.


For international travel, each passenger must have a valid passport, and must have relevant visas for the destination, and for scheduled point's en-route, in case off-loading becomes necessary. Some countries require Advance Passenger Information System (APIS), and 9W requires that this must be provided before check-in.

refunds email

[email protected]

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