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Porter Airlines

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Standby Eligible Flight Numbers PD101 - PD450 PD2101 - PD2950


Staff have access only to the Economy (Classic) cabin availability. Only a select few have access to the Premium (Reserve) cabin.

Dash8-400: 78 seats (72 in Classic and 6 in Reserve) E2-195: 132 seats (116 in Classic and 16 in Reserve)

If you see an overselling count, please make the adjustment to the Reserve cabin. However, most of the time you won't know the actual Reserve bookings.

For load request inside 1 hour of departure time on the same day, loads might not be provided as the flights are closed.

Wifi will be available to all standby travelers free of charge on E195-E2 aircraft.

Non-rev policy

Porter Staff, dependents, parents and pass holders get priority above others.


Passengers have the ability to show up at the airport and list themselves to fly on an earlier flight. Many passengers make use of this. These passenger numbers show up on the standby list and they have the highest priority. Therefore on the day of departure, the standby numbers will change by the hour. Also, passengers flying early means the later flights will have more seats available.


All non-rev staff are eligible for 2 checked baggage of standard size. Please refer to flyporter.com for baggage specifications.


Listing is required for each flight. No exceptions on this.


All non-rev staff must check-in online or at the check-in counters. Seat numbers will be assigned at the gate. If you are at YTZ the seat numbers will be assigned at the customer service counters past security.


Non-rev staff board last. If you have a frequent flyer status, need special assistance or traveling with a child you will get priority.


All non-rev staff are eligible for upgrades. Porter Airlines staff will get priority. Please don't ask for upgrade, the check-in staff will automatically assign you on space available basis. This includes the requirement to meet the inflight services. Irrespective of standby or not, Porter wants everyone to experience proper service. If that cannot be met, the upgrade won't be given.

Included flights

PD101-2989 are eligible for non-rev travel and all other flights are excluded.

Porter Airlines flight loads

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Non-rev tips

Flying on a stand-by ticket can be challenging. We have gathered invaluable insider information and tips to help you to get on board.

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