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Asiana Airlines

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The number of listed non-rev passengers might be inaccurate.


Asiana Airlines employee system only shows it's own staff listing. Non-rev number shown here may not include the OAL listing, and can be different. Only few staff can access the accurate number with OAL nonrev included.


Some as Economy class passenger allowance for the route.


Listing for non-rev closes 60 minutes before for international flights and 30 minutes before for domestic flights.


Check-in counter is located as below:

ICN (Seoul/Incheon): B16, Terminal 1 GMP (Seoul/Gimpo): 02, Domestic Terminal GMP (Seoul/Gimpo): A11~13, International Terminal CJU (Jeju) : 01


If there are available seats in Business class, Asiana airlines can upgrade revenue passengers to accept non-rev passengers, but it depends whether the operational conditions allow it. Non-revenue passengers have access to seats in the Economy class only.

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Non-rev tips

Flying on a stand-by ticket can be challenging. We have gathered invaluable insider information and tips to help you to get on board.

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