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China Eastern Airlines

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Listing is not compulsory for MU staffs, therefore the company does not provide the data for the number of non-rev passengers.


Standard commercial baggage allowance applied to all non-rev staff passengers. Domestic flight with a connecting international flight under the same PNR will be awarded the same baggage allowance as the international flight.


Check-in must be made at the airport counter in-person and online check-in is not available for interline travellers. Non-rev passengers will be able to check-in at the airport 4 hours for international, and 2 hours for domestic flights prior to the scheduled departure time. However, if the flight is nearly full, non-rev passengers needs to wait until the commercial check-in closes before they can get a seat assigned.


Only MU staffs are allowed to upgrade to business or premium economy class for a charge. The upgrade request and payment must be made through the Ceair mobile app.



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