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Jetstar Japan

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All Jetstar bookings via myIDTravel are issued as ticketless travel. Jetstar bookings are valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

Listing is mandatory for Jetstar flights and will be created at the time of booking.

On successful completion of your booking, an Itinerary Receipt will be forwarded to you via email.

Please ensure you have a copy of your Jetstar Itinerary Receipt for travel on Jetstar operated services as it is a requirement for Immigration and Customs.

Please remember to keep a record of your booking reference as this will be required for rebooking, cancellation or refund requests via myIDTravel.


Jetstar baggage for passengers is 20kgs.

Through Check-in

Through check-in is not available to staff travelers on standby travel. When planning your journey, make sure you leave yourself enough time to de-plane and check-in again at any intermediate point.

dress code

When travelling on Jetstar services travelers must maintain a high standard of dress and grooming. Generally speaking you need to be neat, clean and conservative.

Acceptable: Tidy denim jeans, near knee-length dress shorts, including denim are acceptable.

Not Acceptable: Tracksuits, jeans with cut off and frayed hems, designer holes etc. Singlets, bare midriffs, strapless tops/dresses, overly revealing clothing, rubber thongs/flip flops or bare feet. Any extremes of leisure wear, including sweatshirts or t-shirts with questionable graphics or language.


Please check your Itinerary Receipt for check-in time information.


Refund requests for future dated segments will be processed via myIDTravel.

Refund requests for past dated segments will be processed manually and can take up to 15 days from receipt of refund request to process. To initiate this please contact:

Australia 1300 042 394 or 03 8668 8277

Singapore 800 852 9510

New Zealand 0800 284 510

Other countries +61 3 8668 8277

The Call Centre is open 7 days a week, 0800-1800 (AEST)

Bookings with an issue date exceeding three months are not eligible for refund.


Please be aware the minimum connection times for all Jetstar, Jetstar Asia and Jetstar Japan flights is 1.5 hours.

general phone number

+61 3 8668 8277

listing phone number

+61 3 8668 8277

Jetstar Japan flight loads

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