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Etihad Airways

Staff travel information


Etihad Airways has implemented policies and procedures to help protect travelers and employees.


As per for the class you are eligible to travel in

dress code

Business and Economy: Smart casual / UAE National dress. Smart jeans and trainers are acceptable.

Not permitted: Dirty or torn clothing, beach or jogging clothes, flip flops, non-collared t-shirts, shorts, sleeveless tops. Clothing should not be transparent and shoulders should be covered. Low neckline and short skirts with a hem above the knee are not permitted.


Listing is recommended for acceptance priority.

Listing should be made through


All guests should check in online through

Minimum check in time is 1 hour before departure.

For standby travel check in either at the Standby desk (if available) or at any Coral/Economy desk.

In Abu Dhabi for all destinations except USA proceed to the Staff Travel Centre located underneath Terminal 3 no later than one hour prior to departure

For Abu Dhabi departures to the USA proceed to Terminal 1 desks 40-41 at least two hours prior to departure in order to go through Pre Clearance formalities

At all other airports proceed to the Standby or Economy Class desk.


EY staff will have a higher boarding priority over other airline staff holding ZED tickets.


The Class shown on a ticket in the highest class into which a guest can be accepted. Our Guest Services Staff and Cabin Crew are not permitted to accommodate a guest in a higher class than ticketed.


Fully unused tickets will be processed automatically by myIDTravel system. For partial refunds please email If you are downgraded from Business to Economy class please send copy of b/pass to for processing. Partial and Downgrade refunds are processed manually and may take some time. A ticket can be refunded within ticket validity, which is one year from date of issuance.



Wheelchair is acceptable but no other special requests can be accepted.

Special meals

Not applicable for standby staff.

Seat requests

Not applicable for staff guests.


Infant safety seats

Not applicable to interline staff guests.

excluded flights

EY flights series 1000-8000


API data is entered into PNRs to avoid last minute data-collection at check-in.

Travelling staff/family should ensure that they hold valid passport and relevant visas for their intended destination and/or scheduled point en route, in case off-loading becomes necessary. In the absence of valid passport / visa staff passengers may be denied boarding.


Email domain

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