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Same baggage rules applies as per regular full-fare passengers. Refer to

Baggage Policy for Travel from China In order to support the Federal Government in it's efforts to reduce the risk of Federal Law violations due to the importation of counterfeit goods (i.e. 'knock-offs'), Air Canada will be introducing a maximum allowance of one, checked bag per person for non-revenue travel, when traveling on stand-by from China on Air Canada. Please note this represents the maximum allowance permitted, therefore it cannot be exceeded under any circumstances (this means that oversize/overweight pieces will not be accepted). The policy will come in effect on June 1, 2012, and will apply to all stand-by passengers boarding Air Canada flights in China.

Boeing 777-300 (77P) aircrafts -are required to limit their carry-on to one personal item, such as a purse or laptop case. Employees traveling with babies will be able to board the plane with two personal items (i.e. one purse, one diaper bag). Duty Free purchases are not exception and must fit inside your personal item.

Air Canada Rouge - YYZ-KIN-YYZ - One carry on item and one checked bag permitted on this flights only per passenger.

dress code

Air Canada understands the appeal of wearing comfortable clothing while traveling. We also know that styles have changed, making certain trends more mainstream than they used to be. However, a balance must be struck between comfort, fashion and the image we need to uphold as employees of Air Canada. The following dress code is designed to preserve comfort, while also ensuring that anyone traveling on our passes reflects our company brand.

Acceptable Attire

  • Basic jeans (bootcut/straight/skinny)
  • Dress pants/Chinos/Capris
  • Polo's/sweaters/button-down shirts/blouses
  • Dresses/Skirts (knee-length and longer)
  • Closed-toe shoes

Unacceptable Attire

  • Any jeans other than basic (i.e.: ripped, dyed, embellished, autographed, studded, neon-colored, crumpled, ill-fitting, etc. if it isn't basic, it isn't allowed!)
  • No Shorts, Bermuda's, Cut-offs, Yoga pants, Sweatpants
  • No Tank tops, T-shirts, Strapless tops, Undershirts, Sports shirts, Hoodies
  • No Mini Dresses/Skirts (above the knee and shorter)
  • No Flip-flops, Sandals, Running shoes, Work boots, Rain boots

Strictly enforced

Your appearance should be clean, neat and modest. Any clothing that is stained, dirty, see-through, ripped, revealing, or otherwise compromises a neat appearance is not permitted.

Any kind of athletic wear is not permitted (sweats, yoga pants, running shoes, etc.)

The style counts, NOT the designer. For example, designer jeans that are ripped are not permitted.

All employees are personally held accountable for their attire and the attire or their friends and family members etc., traveling on pass privileges.

Overnight flights: After take-off, you may change into something more comfortable, such as yoga pants or loungewear. Whatever you change into must be clean and appropriate for public areas nighties, pyjamas, and other sleepwear are not permitted. Please note however, you must change back into your pre-boarding attire before the plane lands.

Children Ages 12 and under We recognize that children's clothing is generally more casual than what is worn by adults. As long as they are clean, neat and in good condition, the following items are permitted for children in addition to what is permitted in the adult section above:

  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Running shoes
  • Hoodies


You can use web check-in and our self-service kiosk

Through check-in is not available for stand-by passengers.


When there are two or more interline employees travelling on the same flight, the date of listing by the reservation department will determine the onload/offload and the cabin upgrade/downgrade order.

excluded flights

All codeshare flights

Air Canada Vacations charter

general phone number

+1 888 247 2262

listing phone number

+1 888 247 2262

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