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Aegean Airlines

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Covid-19 related info for Aegean: https://en.aegeanair.com/aegean-announcement/ All passengers travelling on international flights to Greece must fill in & submit the special Passenger Locator Form electronically, latest the day before entering the country. https://en.aegeanair.com/passenger-locator-form/


As per aegeanair.com

dress code

Travelers in worn-out, dirty or torn clothes, beach attire, jogging outfit etc. will not be accepted on board.


E-tickets not issued via myIDTravel, listing 2 hours before flight at the airport


ZED passengers will have lower priority over A3 revenue passengers.

A3 staff will have a higher priority over other airline staff holding ZED tickets.


Not permitted


Special meals

It is not possible to pre-book special meal for rebate/standby passengers.

Seat requests

Seat requests are not permitted on Staff Travel.

Unaccompanied minors

Not permitted.


No other Special service requests is permitted when travelling on Standby/Space Available tickets.

excluded flights

All flights not operated by A3


Travelling staff/family should ensure that they hold valid passport and relevant visas for their intended destination and/or scheduled point en route, in case off-loading becomes necessary. In the absence of valid passport/visa staff passengers may be denied boarding.

Aegean Airlines flight loads

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Non-rev tips

Flying on a stand-by ticket can be challenging. We have gathered invaluable insider information and tips to help you to get on board.

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