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Please have your booking reference available when arriving at the airport.


Maximum 1 piece (23 kg)

dress code

Eligible Persons travelling under the terms of this agreement must ensure that their appearance and behavior are in line with Nextjet's policy.

Eligible Persons must ensure that no inconvenience is given to commercial passengers of Nextjet and that ground staff and cabin crew are not distracted from giving maximum service to such passengers.

As a rule, Eligible Persons should be dressed in accordance with public standards of good taste.

This will normally mean attire suitable for an office, or smart casual wear.

It excludes jeans, T-shirts, sweat-shirts, shorts, gym shoes, and similar extremes of casual wear.

Failure to observe the regulations of Nextjet may result in refusal to accept for travel.


Check-in can be done either via check-in counter, from or at self service kiosks at Arlanda and Gothenburg.

included flights

Only flights operated by 2N are included.

excluded flights

All flights other than flights operated by 2N.

email info

refunds email

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