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Avianca Ecuador

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All changes, cancellations and refund requests should be made via myIDTravel. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you retrieve your PNR in myIDTravel upon receipt of this email and write your e-ticket numbers. Avianca Reservations and Airport agents have very limited access to assist with listing modifications.


All ZED ticket holders are afforded a baggage allowance of one piece per traveler. Each piece must weigh less than 50 pounds (23 kilos), and be smaller than 60 linear inches. Items that are over-size or over-weight will have standard baggage fees applied for acceptance.

dress code

Acceptable: Attire which is clean, well maintained and in good taste. Shirts with sleeves and collars, skirts, dresses, dress shoes.

Not Acceptable: Attire that is torn, ragged, slashed, dirty, frayed, low cut, skimpy, or revealing. Attire with offensive or sexually oriented inscriptions or messages, halter/tube/midriff tops, sweats of any kind, leggings, beach or swim wear, body piercing, tattoos (cover from view), sport shoes and shoes that are dirty, stained, or worn in appearance.


To refund a ticket, cancel the itinerary and then retrieve the ticket number and select 'refund'. To verify the refund status or assistance regarding refunds, please contact [email protected].


Special meals requests are not permitted for pass travelers.


Children under 16 years cannot travel alone; they must be accompanied by an adult travelling on the same type of ticket.

refunds email

[email protected]

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